Is there really a difference between Over the Counter (OTC) and Professional Skin Care Products?

You may be wondering if professional skincare products are worth the money. In one word – YES! But, do you need to pay $450 for a luxurious creme or serum? NO! There are so many professional brands that work just as well (or even better) than those expensive lines. And I’m sure that you’ve at least once stared at the many shelves with rows of random skin care products at the drugstore wondering which ones will help you with your acne, fine lines, pigment, you name it. Let me help you first with providing you with a few differences between over the counter and professional skin care products so you can make the right decision on where to turn and why:

Benefits of Buying Professional Skin Care Products:

*Made in smaller batches

*Has high levels of active ingredients with safe formulations

*Does not contain colors, dyes, fragrances or parabens

*Molecular structure is much smaller so it’s able to penetrate down to the bottom layers of the epidermis (the live tissue)

*pH balanced maintaining skin integrity

*Treats skin conditions

*Sold in professional outlets by licensed estheticians to offer guidance and advice

*Reasonably priced made with higher quality, clinically validated ingredients that are specifically chosen for their proven results

*Always at the forefront of technology and reformulating their formulas to seek improvement in their products

Downside of Buying Over the Counter Skin Care Products:

*Made in larger batches for the masses

*Has lower levels of the active ingredients, which takes so much longer to see results. The larger cosmetic companies cannot afford to have a large number of customers with skin issues after using products with very active ingredients

*Most times contains fillers, parabens and preservatives

*Molecular structure is much larger so it basically sits on the top layer of the skin barely penetrating the top layer (the dead skin layer)

*pH can be off (more alkaline) compromising skin barrier function

*Sold in drugstores usually with no assistance or recommendations for YOUR specific skin conditions

*OTC companies may never change their formulations keeping them the same for years

Most times, you get what you pay for! And you may be thinking that only the skincare lines sold in drugstores are considered OTC – wrong! All those big name brands sold in Macy’s, Sephora and Nordstrom – you guessed it! They are considered OTC as well!

Why You Should Use Caution When Buying Skin Care Products Online:

Just a word of caution when purchasing your skincare online such as Amazon… these products can be counterfeit, expired or have been sitting in a warehouse for long periods of time. Some counterfeit products have been found to be laced with lead, copper, mercury or arsenic. The bottles may look the same, but trust me, they are NOT! Seek out a trusted professional so they can guide you on the right skin care path with the right products for your specific skin type.

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