Can Microneedling be THE Answer to Your Skin Issues?

What is the difference between Nanoneedling (Nano Infusion) and Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)?

Nanoneedling is suitable for all skin types. There are microscopic needles in the cartridge, but it feels flat to the touch. That’s because it does not puncture the skin, but “perforates” the skin creating tiny pathways to penetrate and drive products into the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, brightening serums or EGF (Epidermal Growth Factors). This type cartridge can be used safely on the face and neck, lips (Have a hot date? Plump up those lips beforehand!), eyelids (hooded and anti-aging), scalp and body. It does not work past the Stratum Corneum. Treatments can be done every 2-4 weeks and there is no downtime.

Microneedling, also called Collagen Induction Therapy, uses 12 or 36-tip stainless steel or titanium microscopic needles in a disposable cartridge. It is best used for scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, pore reduction, pigmentation and cellulite. CIT creates a “controlled wound” to the epidermis or dermis (depending on depth). This channel triggers the body to fill these microscopic wounds by producing collagen and elastin. Through this repair process, there are visible improvements in skin texture, firmness and brightening.

There are contraindications (certain prescriptions and diseases) and strict pre- and post-procedures to follow to obtain the best results. Some minimal side effects can occur, but usually go away quickly. A series of microneedling treatments is usually the best way to go for your most optimal benefits.

Suggested products used for glide can be sterile saline, specific microneedling solution, hyaluronic acid or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Treatments at a depth of .25 can be repeated every 3 weeks and at a depth of .5 and over should be done every 4-6 weeks. It is highly advised to check with your State’s requirements as to what is allowed for your practice.

Is Microneedling Right for You?

Clinical studies have proven microneedling treatments to be more effective than ablative treatments like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peels. It is just as effective as non-ablative treatments like IPL, CO2 laser and Fraxel in stimulating collagen and elastin production. If you are noticing more fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring and larger pores lately, and if you are the right candidate for this type of treatment, microneedling may be the perfect solution for you.

I’d love to consult with you to see if this amazing treatment is a perfect fit for you. Book your free consult here

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