How to Transition Your Skin from Winter to Spring

After coming off the cold, dry months of winter (and yes, even in Florida!), it’s a good idea to ease up on some of your heavier creams and lengthy routines as we spring into spring. And just like we start to spring clean our homes, let’s not forget our cute little faces.

Do I really need my lotion cleansers and heavy creams?

Perhaps not. If your skin craves hydration in the winter, it may be time to switch to a gel-based cleanser and hyaluronic or water-based moisturizer as the humidity increases in the spring and summer. It’s also a good idea to trade in your heavy foundation for a lighter one or even a tinted moisturizer. Once you start taking care of your skin consistently, you won’t need a heavy foundation to cover up your beautiful skin!

And again, I stress that even oily skin needs a daily AM moisturizer – just make sure it’s an oil-free moisturizer. One I am in love with is Image Skincare’s Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer SPF 32. It smells divine, is oil-free and has a nice matte and shine-free finish.

What happened to my glow?

In the drier months, our skin looks dull and flaky, and we need to give it a little boost of exfoliation. This will help rid the dead skin cells just sitting on the top layer of our skin. I am a huge fan of enzyme masks, which dissolve the “glue” that holds our dead skin cells together. This is a type of chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation is when you use a scrub. Make sure you know what kind of substance that scrub consists of – no walnut pieces! They need to be bio-degradable. Once these dead skin cells are sloughed off, voila! Beautiful glowing skin appears.

Don’t forget the SPF

Welcome, Mr. Sun! As much I love to see the beautiful rays of sunshine, don’t be fooled! It does SO much damage and causes 90% of our aging. I hear so many people say they only wear sunscreen at the beach. Tsk. Tsk. Sunscreen needs to be worn Every. Single. Day. Period.

As far as spring cleaning, go through your makeup brushes – make sure they’re still up to par and clean as they can harbor bacteria. Check the expiration dates on your sunscreen and throw away products that are over 6 months old. Let the sun shine in, but don’t forget that sunscreen!!!

3 thoughts on “How to Transition Your Skin from Winter to Spring

  1. Thank you for the great advice on transitioning from winter to spring/summer skin. Do you recommend that I receive a seasonal facial?

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  2. Great advice! I definitely need to try the Prevention + Daily Matte! Sounds perfect for the Florida summers!


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