5 Steps to Achieve Healthy Glowing Skin

It’s never too late to start!

It probably comes as no surprise that more and more people are worried about aging, and it seems to be a hot topic of discussion with your esthetician, family and friends. But recent trends are pointing to the realization that people are thinking about aging at a much younger age. We can have both beautiful and healthy looking skin if we start taking care of our skin at an early age. But don’t fret… it’s never too late to start. Like I’ve always said – “If you take take of your skin, your skin will thank you for it when you’re 50 and beyond.”

You don’t need a skin care routine that’s complicated.

So, do you have just a few minutes a day that will turn into a lifetime of fresh healthy glowing skin? Yes? YAY! And you don’t need a skin care routine that’s complicated – it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Find 5 easy steps below (only 4 that you need to do daily) that can transform and protect your skin so you can have the self-esteem and confidence to put your best face forward.

My favorite ingredients in a mask are enzymes.

Keep in mind that the type of product you use will depend on your skin type (details below). Masking is to be done weekly, and again, choose these depending on your skin type – charcoal or clay masks for oily skin and hydrating masks for drier skin. My favorite ingredients in a mask are enzymes. These wonderful natural exfoliators break down the substance that holds your dead skin cells together making it very easy for those dead skin cells to slough off revealing a healthy glow. This also helps your foundation glide on smoother and your products penetrate better into your skin.

Consistency is key!

Maintaining healthy skin requires consistency and a great skincare routine. We recommend monthly visits to your favorite esthetician for a deep cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating facial. Estheticians have the skills and the tools to really make a difference in your skin. But how you take care of your skin at home is just as important for maintaining what the professionals do on a regular basis. And don’t forget to drink lots of water, which hydrates your skin from the inside. Hydration is what allows skin to function at peak performance. Once you get into these simple habits, just like anything else, you will see and feel the benefits of healthy glowing skin!

Need personalized education?

If you would like a skincare consultation or personalized education, you can reach me at fabbspa.com. I’d love to help you achieve the healthy glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of!

You can have healthy glowing skin in 5 easy steps!
  • CLEANSE – In order to have healthy looking skin, you must cleanse your skin twice a day. The most important time is at night to remove makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, pollutants and sweat. You can lightly cleanse in the AM to remove any shedding of the dead skin from its repair process at night. Use the proper cleanser for your skin type; gel based cleansers for oily skin and lotion cleansers for drier skin. And NO SOAP! Soap is a dirty 4-letter “S” word in my book! Soap is alkaline and strips your protective acid mantle.
  • MOISTURIZER/SUNSCREEN – During the day, every skin type needs moisturizer – yes, even oily skin. You just need an oil-free moisturizer. And ALWAYS follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. There are some great combination moisturizers/sunscreens out there as well. Not only at the beach, but you really should wear it EVERY DAY to protect your skin while driving and taking your daily walks. And don’t forget the neck, decollette and hands.
  • SERUMS – Many people skip this step and boy, are they missing out! Serums are for targeted and specific issues you may have; i.e., pigmentation, dullness, acne, rosacea or dry and dehydrated skin. Their molecular structure is always smaller so it can penetrate into your skin, not just sit on the top layer. A Vitamin C or antioxidant serum is great for everyone. Hyaluronic acid serum works wonders for drier skin and a retinol or peptide serum is fabulous for aging skin.
My favorite Vitamin C serum from Image Skincare
  • EXFOLIATE – Exfoliation is probably my favorite step and one that many people skip as well. There are two types – physical (exfoliating beads) and chemical (enzymes and acids). Exfoliation is key to removing dead skin cells so the newer skin cells can rise to the surface, which gives you that healthy glow, and your products will penetrate better. It is recommended to exfoliate about twice a week (one physical and one chemical).
  • REPAIR – Your skin repairs itself at night while you sleep, so it’s really important to pick the right moisturizer to help control how fast your skin ages and to keep your skin barrier in tip-top shape. One of the best anti-aging ingredients is retinol, which promotes collagen activity and helps to re-texturize your skin. And try to aim for 7-8 hours of beauty sleep. When you’re tired, your skin shows it.
Retinol night cream from Image Skincare

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